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Police Officer Shoots Holes in Firearm Myths [VIDEO]

This video was shot in the late 1980s, but its the firearm myths it addresses are just as relevant today.

In response to misconceptions about firearms in the wake of a shooting tragedy, former police officer Leroy Pyle of the San Jose Police Department took some time to clear things up.

It’s an old video uploaded by therealjarett, and not every single detail still applies, but it’s still worthy viewing.

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Pyle, a veteran and police officer, displays a fully-automatic rifle, semi-automatic rifle, and hunting rifle, in this video. He explains that a lot of confusion with firearms is due to these guns being mislabeled.

Even though this video is pretty outdated, it is still relevant in the conversation around firearms today. And Pile is right, “If you have a little better understanding of what these firearms really are for, what they do, what they look like, you too can cut through some of the emotions and make what I hope would be a good decision.”


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Police Officer Shoots Holes in Firearm Myths [VIDEO]