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Police Officer Rescues an Owl and It’s All Caught On His Body Cam


A police officer in New York saved an owl entangled in fishing line and it was all caught right on his body cam!

13 Wham News reported that officer Travis Gray of the Ogden Police Department was called to the scene of an owl tangled in fishing line.

Since police officers are charged with the responsibility and care of many things, animals included, it was second nature for the policeman in question to rescue the lively owl. It’s just that he sort of forgot that it would all be caught on tape.

Gray said, “These body cams are being used to capture what we do day in and out whether that’s saving the life of a person or an owl”

With the owl rescued and taken to a nearby animal rehabilitation center all is well. Care givers at the center in Churchville, NY are cautiously optimistic that the young owl in question will make a full recovery.

Wildlife care professional, Gary Zimmerman said, “We’re lucky on this one. He was hanging from the branch by his carpal bones and I have seen it where the fishing line has cut the bone off.”

The owl is even getting laser therapy for its wounds and should be set free within a couple of weeks.


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Police Officer Rescues an Owl and It’s All Caught On His Body Cam