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Police Can't Take Chances: The Worst Kind of Shotgun Camo [VIDEO]

Criminals are crafty and are always scheming for ways to outwit law enforcement officials.

In 2012, police in Indianapolis discovered a man in possession of a shotgun disguised as a child's water gun. Do you remember shotguns disguised as toys? Police can't take chances anymore.

At the present moment, police officers across the U.S. are fighting justice, their lives, and their reputation. With multiple police brutality accounts sweeping across the nation, the public is crying out for answers. While it is certainly not my role to solve such multi-faceted dilemmas, let me remind you that at the end of the day, police officers and other law enforcement officials put their lives on the line daily. And in their line of work, exhibiting patience and tolerance could cost them their life.

As a police officer, would you shoot a criminal wielding a water gun? Probably not. You may think the crook to be a few bricks short of pile, but not dangerous. Unfortunately, that instinctual decision could have been the last. It is just too easy for the bad guys to exploit the good intentions of good officers.

This video shows how difficult it can be for officials to determine the intentions of perpetrators:

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So the next time you want to criticize a police officer for being too up tight, too forceful, rude, or just plain aggressive, remember that to them there is no such thing as a normal situation. Every call they respond to carries with it an imminent threat to their lives.

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Police Can't Take Chances: The Worst Kind of Shotgun Camo [VIDEO]