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Polar Bears Frolic in a Field of Wildflowers Creating Amazing Images [PICS]

polar bears
All photos via Dennis Fast

These photos of polar bears rolling around in a field of flowers are incredible. 

When people think polar bears, they imagine them perched on ice floes and in deep snow. It is hard to imagine polar bears walking across anything but mounds of white.

These photos taken by wildlife photographer Dennis Fast will completely change the way you imagine a polar bear. While on a trip to Manitoba, Canada he captured these amazing photos of polar bears playing around in fields of purple flowers.

polar bear

Dennis Fast loves to shoot white animals such as polar bears, snow owls, Arctic foxes. Just the way they pop, like these polar bears, against anything with color make a perfect subject for his photos.

polar bearIn order to capture photos like these, Fast has to spend a lot of time in the environment around the polar bears. After they no longer see him as a threat he can get a little closer to get amazingly close-up shots of them playing about.

polar bearPolar bears are one of the world’s largest predators and one of the most recognized animals on the planet. They are also one of the most playful and will use anything they can get their paws on as a toy.

polar bear Unfortunately polar bears were added to the Endangered Species list in 2008. Climate change and other environmental impacts have begun to reduce their sea ice habitat and population numbers. Photos like these could soon become a rarer site than they already are.

polar bear

The polar bears will stay here on this island enjoying the sunshine and flowers until fall arrives with ice. They will then walk across the ice back to their normal hunting grounds to fatten up for the harsh winter and prepare to find mates.

To view more of Dennis’s work check out his website at:

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Polar Bears Frolic in a Field of Wildflowers Creating Amazing Images [PICS]