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Polar Bears Feeding on Char Seen on Film for the First Time

Is vanishing ice causing polar bears to rely on new food sources like fish, or is there a different reason?

Are these top level meat eaters just being resourceful and finding what nature has left for them, or has it become necessary for these huge land carnivores to adapt and eat what they find or die?

The Nature/PBS Facebook page posted this short version of polar bears feeding on salmon to start the conversation about what these bear are to do when the arctic seas don't freeze soon enough or melt away before they can be used long enough by the bears to hunt.

Here are two minutes of beautifully-captured film that will cause an argument every time.

The narrator says in the video "polar bears feeding on char is rarely seen and has never been filmed before" One thing is for sure- just because it's "rarely seen" and "never been filmed before" doesn't mean that it never happens.

Having said that, inspire yourselves to believe in the scientific community; what it does and what it stands for. They are the ones walking, talking, and living in these regions while taking this kind of film. 96 percent of the scientific community agrees that climate change is occurring and that it's affecting the polar ice caps, the same areas where polar bears traditionally hunt.

The other 4 percent is right?

You can be a climate denier all you want, that's why we have scientists. What I do expect you to do is to listen to the scientists and researchers because they, like the rest of us, went through an education process. They are the ones who spend the time afield studying and earned the right to be heard.


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Polar Bears Feeding on Char Seen on Film for the First Time