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Polar Bear is Ready for His Close Up [VIDEO]

polar bear

Arctic research team catches close up shots of polar bear on GoPro.

People catch some pretty crazy footage of wildlife on their cameras. The best footage always seems to be when the animal’s curiosity gets the best of them and they can’t resist checking out the object between them and the person holding it.

This polar bear is definitely one of them.

A program called Students on Ice recently took a group of children out on its boat, the Arctic Tern. The program, sponsored by the World Wildlife Federation, takes youth out to polar regions to show them the importance that ice caps play in the world.

While they were checking out the sites off of Bylot Island in Canada, a polar bear swam over to the boat. One of the students whipped out his GoPro camera to capture the curious bear and got an amazing close up as the bear came in to check out the camera.

It is really neat to see an animal that can be extremely dangerous be so curious. This will definitely be a memory these kids never forget.

It is important to have programs like this today more than ever. Climate change is dramatically impacting the polar bear’s icy habitat which they have to have to hunt and breed.

If the ice continues to melt as ocean temperatures rise, our great, great grandchildren may only ever get to see them from videos like these.

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Polar Bear is Ready for His Close Up [VIDEO]