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Polar Bear Ransacks Cabin, Eats Everything Except Marmite

The crew of BBC Earth's The Hunt had quite a surprise recently when they returned to their cabin to find nothing but trash. 

This video shows the destruction of polar bears on all food sources available to them. Well, except Marmite. Because that stuff is gross.

As the video notes, polar bears are the only animal that will actively hunt humans. Whether they consider us seals, or have long realized that we often come with a large bundle of food, it did not matter the reason to this polar bear.

He ransacked the place thoroughly and left behind the Marmite and the alcohol, only. The trash piles left by the bear was quite epic, along with his new nickname of Steak-Eating Bear.

One has to wonder how hungry this bear was beforehand to have consumed all of that food, from steak to bacon to chips, and still come back for more the next few days.

The humor in the video makes it a great watch, while also highlighting how intensely disastrous polar bears can be, which is quite scary.

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Polar Bear Ransacks Cabin, Eats Everything Except Marmite