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Polar Bear Encounter: The Worst Time for Gun to Jam [VIDEO]

Polar arctic explorer Ben Saunders meets a polar bear in Siberia and lives to talk about it.

Ben Saunders is a world renowned polar arctic explorer, long-distance skier and record-breaking pioneer. In this video, he talks about being on an expedition in Siberia when a polar bear stalks them and their Russian black market sawed-off shotgun jams.

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Ben Saunders seems like a pretty tough guy and it is humorous to hear him talk about the different scenarios going through his head when the polar bear is getting closer.

"Ok, Pen is going to get eaten...the gun doesn't work...maybe I'll whack it with a ski or poke it with my ski pole..."

Ben Saunders and Pen only had 12 cartridges for the shotgun that was supposed to last the entire eight weeks of the polar expedition.

They are lucky the polar bear didn't call his friends.

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Polar Bear Encounter: The Worst Time for Gun to Jam [VIDEO]