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Poconos Now Closed Due To Manhunt [UPDATE]

Image via NY Daily News

Hunting season is now on hold in the Pocono Mountains due to ongoing manhunt. 

In an update October 1, the Pennsylvania Game Commission temporarily closed upcoming hunting and trapping season in seven townships in northern Pennsylvania. The closure includes public and private land.

Read the original post here: Pennsylvania Allows Pocono Bowhunting Despite Manhunt

The area was previously to be opened despite the ongoing search for Eric Frein, but officials have since uncovered explosives, at least one of which was attached to a trip-wire, apparently left behind by the fugitive. The danger is now too great a risk for hunters, trappers and general members of the public, says Game Commission Executive Director, R. Matthew Hough. Hough states in the press release,

"While we realize this temporary closure might disappoint some of the hunters and trappers it affects, we're certain, too, they understand the gravity of the situation, as well as the danger in allowing the seasons to continue as scheduled, given this new information. Plenty of good hunting and trapping opportunities remain outside of the temporarily closed area, and we need hunters to readily adjust their plans to help bring resolution to this case and see that justice is served."

Frein is wanted for the shooting of Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson II and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass on September 12. The self-proclaimed survivalist is still at large. He has been sighted wearing Eastern European camouflage.

Hopefully, this new closure will keep everyone safe and Frein will be found and prosecuted.

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Poconos Now Closed Due To Manhunt [UPDATE]