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The Pocket Shot, Your New Favorite Slingshot

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In the market for a new slingshot? You need the Pocket Shot to relive your youth. 

With the patented circular design of the Pocket Shot, your accuracy and aim improves tremendously from the traditional slingshot. With the Pocket Shot you now have full control of the direction and release.

I can attest to this because we set up a few shoot-and-see targets in the backyard at night and let it rip. Everyone was able to use it, from the ones who had never shot a slingshot before in their life to the seasoned Peter Pan slingshot veterans.

The aim was incredible for each user and the Pocket Shot steel ammo actually worked on the shoot-and-see targets, which is how you know there’s force behind each pull.


I found that the Pocket Shot really improved my aim over the course of using it, which honestly led to a truer cast on my fly rod and a better shot from the rifle. Because you can feel the direction of the Pocket Shot before shooting, it helps you understand both your comfort level and any direction you may naturally pull on the release.

The guys at Pocket Shot have a great trick shot compilation, which should make you want the Pocket Shot even more.

Its small, yet powerful packaging also means that it takes up less room in your adventuring backpack, whether you’re headed out for a day in the field or an afternoon at the lake. When the Pocket Shot is in use, it measures about five inches long, but when closed, it sits at about 2.3 inches, making it the perfect size to always carry with you when you’re headed outside for a day of fun.

The transportability of the Pocket Shot means that you always have time to sling a shot or two.


The Pocket Shot can shoot up to 350 feet per second, but it’s important to also remember that it isn’t a toy. This isn’t your grandpa’s wooden slingshot that coasted marbles into the lake, this is a high-powered slingshot that truly packs a punch.

No, seriously. I opened the Pocket Shot in my kitchen and was so excited, I decided to let one go toward the door, just to see it in action at a slow speed. I barely pulled the circular tube back, and the steel slug that came with the Pocket Shot actually dented my front door. Be careful, kids. With the Pocket Shot, there is not a slow speed.

In addition, the Pocket Shot comes with one standard pouch, which is black, and one pro-pouch, which is blue. Also, it came with one package of steel slingshot ammo, which was hard to collect after we shot, but made it worth it because we had such a blast with them. We also shot a few marbles using the Pocket Shot, and had the same result on the shoot-and-see targets as the steel ammo.


I would absolutely recommend this product for anyone over the age of 18. Its great size makes it the perfect stocking stuffer, and it truly is fun for all those who want to use it. I know my friends will be begging me to bring the Pocket Shot along the next time we all head out hiking or fishing.

All images from Pocket Shot

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The Pocket Shot, Your New Favorite Slingshot