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Poachers in Michigan Stand to Face Higher Fines


Poaching in the state of Michigan might get a lot more expensive if a new law is passed.

Reports indicate that state lawmakers in Michigan will triple the fine for killing elk or moose illegally. The penalty for killing a bear or eagle would likely rise as well.

The law is obviously aimed at unregistered and unlicensed hunters since it is rare that actual hunters are illegally going after big game to turn a profit.

Michigan United Conservation Clubs member Drew Youngedyke says:

But some people are obviously doing that and we want to make sure we’re preventing them from doing that with these higher penalties.

The proposed law pending in the legislature would ban a hunter from the state of Michigan for life upon a second conviction.

A stiff penalty indeed for poaching in Michigan and with lawmakers taking aim, poachers beware.

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Poachers in Michigan Stand to Face Higher Fines