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Poachers Cut Fence to Remove Deer, Letting Horses Loose in the Process


Poaching is terrible in itself, but when you cost people livestock, pets, and a lot of money, it’s ridiculous.

Poachers never cease to amaze us. The unruly behavior that frustrates the common hunter so much is usually bad enough in itself, but this case is the most selfish we have ever seen.

Not only did they illegally take an animal, but they followed up by snipping the barbed wire fence on this horse rancher’s property to drag the deer out. Since the fence was down, five horses escaped Thorn Hill Horse Boarding and have yet to be found near Raytown, Missouri.

Each horse costing around $500-$1,500 a piece. And as you know, if you love your pet, it isn’t the monetary value that hurts so much as the bond you have built in the time you’ve owned it.

A wildlife ranger discovered the broken fence, as well as remains of the deer the poachers dragged through the hole they’d created in the fence.

The horses have yet to be found, and the owner Bruce Wedel is still trying to find them. He has even taken a small airplane up to try and get a better view and lead on the missing horses.

Social media is quickly spreading the word, but if you have any information, please contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. There is a cash reward for information leading to the finding of the animals.

What a shame.

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Poachers Cut Fence to Remove Deer, Letting Horses Loose in the Process