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Poachers Confess to Multi-State Crimes

Why won’t all poachers confess?

Three men have admitted to poaching crimes in several states and over several years following an investigation by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, according to the Chaffee County Times.

Upon being presented with overwhelming evidence of their crimes, the three men accepted a plea bargain in court in late February.

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During their poaching spree that occurred from 2011 to 2013, the men hunted on private property without permission and illegally harvested several different species of animals, including nine mule deer.

The men also only removed the heads, horns, and capes of the animals, leaving the rest of the meat to rot.

“These individuals showed complete disregard for the wildlife laws of several states in a brazen and arrogant manner,” said Northwest Regional Manager Ron Velarde of Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the Times piece. “Citizens have every reason to be outraged by their destructive behavior and we, along with the other agencies we worked with on this case, are satisfied to see that these individuals have been brought to justice”

In addition to the legal action taken against them, the three guilty parties must also meet with a hearing commissioner from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They face the chance of permanently losing their hunting and fishing privileges in Colorado, as well as 41 other states that are members of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact agreement.

Do you think that the fines and consequences faced by the guilty hunters are adequate punishment for their crimes?

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Poachers Confess to Multi-State Crimes