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Poacher Completely Fooled by DNR Robo Deer [VIDEO]

Watch Indiana’s DNR catch an illegal road hunter with a robotic deer.

Robotic deer continue to trick unethical sportsman.

Here is a video of an Indiana DNR poaching sting operation. The fake deer looks very realistic and even fools hunters who need to learn a lesson the hard way. Shooting from a car is illegal and dangerous.

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes look at the Indiana DNR utilizing a robo deer.

These hunters were duped by this uber realistic robotic deer.

I like how the video gives more information about the robotic deer. I found it interesting that the electric components are placed in the neck and near the tail.

The lesson to be learned from this video is to not road hunt. Hunt the right way along with all the other ethical hunters.

Folks who hunt from the road are simply poachers and their actions are blatantly illegal.

For this upcoming year, let’s strive to hunt the way we were taught and set a good example.

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Poacher Completely Fooled by DNR Robo Deer [VIDEO]