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Plumber Pulls 5-Foot Venomous Snake from Washing Machine

Daily Mail

What is worse than dirty socks and underwear in your washer? That would be a 5-foot venomous snake. Yikes!

A plumber named Roy Wiley was at this house for the third time to attempt to fix a washer. Little did he know his occupation would quickly change from a plumber to a snake wrangler that day.

Roy slapped the Hoover vacuum up to the pipe to try and unblock the pipe and to his surprise a snake appeared. Not just any snake either, this just so happened to be an Adder according to them, which is venomous.

Mrs. Thatcher, the homeowner, told the Daily Mail, "I was just working away at the table and Roy said 'there's definitely a blockage'. All of a sudden he says: 'It's a snake."

"I said 'What?' I looked over at the washing machine. I could see the body of this snake, I couldn't believe it. I ran out of the way, sort of laughing, thinking that's not real."

Definitely not something you would expect to find in your washing machine. She most certainly is glad that the plumber found it with a vacuum instead of her finding it intertwined with some laundry.

Would you move out?


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Plumber Pulls 5-Foot Venomous Snake from Washing Machine