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How to Pluck a Duck in Two Minutes or Less

how to pluck a duck

Watch as this man gives “fast food” a whole new meaning.

One of the greatest joys of hunting is being able to enjoy your harvest on a dinner plate later with friends and family. The only problem is the process between the field and the plate.

If you have hunted ducks, you know that plucking can be a grueling and tiresome process. Feathers and down everywhere with little to show for after minutes of picking. That is not the case with this man from Idaho. He is able to fly the plucking process in less than two minutes!

If you are an avid duck hunter and want to save more than just the breast meat from your birds, this could be a big help. Take notes, practice up, and you too can enjoy of few plucked ducks oven roasted to perfection this season.

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How to Pluck a Duck in Two Minutes or Less