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Playful Coyote Can’t Resist a Good Romp with a Ball

This playful coyote sure does love that ball. 

A recent video of a playful coyote is taking off across the Internet, and for good reason. Early one morning while a homeowner was getting ready for work, he happened to look out his window and see something he just didn’t expect. Luckily, he was able to grab his camera and catch this coyote doing something sort of out of behavior, at least to human eyes.

In order to believe it, you just might have to see this video for yourself.

Coyotes are notoriously known as bloodthirsty scavengers that are out to eat pets, destroy property, and put a hurting on wildlife all across the country. However, when they are seen in this light, you can’t help but notice their softer side.

For those that say any good ‘yote is a dead ‘yote, that may be true, but at least this coyote is able to show off something that many humans never get to see.


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Playful Coyote Can’t Resist a Good Romp with a Ball