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Tactical Made Practical: Plano’s New Tactical Range Bags


Plano X2 range bags take their ammo boxes to the next level.

The X2 range bags are upgrades to the popular 1312, 1712, and 1612 ammo boxes. They add a tactical look and more storage so you can get all your gear in one easy-to-carry package. All the bags have cleated bottoms to keep them staying put and padded shoulder straps for comfortable carry. Each bag has unique features to fit your particular need.

Plano® Model 1312500 1312 X2 Range Bag

1312 x2

Their smallest offering, the 1312 X2 is designed with the concealed carry shooter in mind. On the front you have a 10”x 5”x 2” pocket designed for up to a medium frame handgun with three mag pouches and the back pocket contains a fold-out padded gun mat. The side pockets are 4”x 4”x 1.75,” one zippered and one with a Velcro flap, to fit any small tools accessories for protective gear you may need. The bag is wrapped around the Plano 1312 Ammo Box which can hold six to eight boxes of ammo, has a water-resistant seal, heavy duty handle and industry leading brass bail latch.

With an MSRP of $39.99 it’s a must-have for any concealed carry enthusiast.

Plano® Model 1712500 1712 X2 Range Bag

1712 x2

Need a little more room? The 1712 X2 adds roughly two inches of length, two inches of width and an inch-and-a-half of depth compared to the 1312. The zippered gun pocket is replaced with a Plano model 140300 Pistol case which will hold one large or two small handguns that is held in a fitted pocket covered in molle webbing so you can further expand if you like. On the left of the bag you have two mag pouches and on the right a large 5.5”x 5”x 2” pocket.

The back is an 11.5”x 6” stretch top mesh pocket which can hold all manner of goodies on your trip to the range with an MSRP of only $49.99

Plano® Model 1612500 1612 X2 Range Bag

1612 x2

Still not enough room for you? The 1612 X2 may be just what you need. The 1612 ammo box is bigger than the 1712 with a lift-out tray and additional storage built into the lid. The 1010137 SE pistol case can hold a large scoped handgun or two unscoped handguns.The pockets have a similar layout to the 1712 only scaled up to fit, and like the 1712 the molle webbing on the front allows for personal expansion.

The 1612 has you covered at MSRP of $59.99 so you get the bang for your buck.

Overall, the X2 range bags are an extremely versatile piece of equipment for any shooter. Just pick the size that best suits your need, and take advantage of the modular design to have extra ammo boxes or gun cases of the same model to quickly swap between guns or ammo, and the price point is spot on to fill your need without emptying your pockets.

I think Plano said it best when they call the range bags “tactical made practical.”

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Tactical Made Practical: Plano’s New Tactical Range Bags