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Plano’s New Promo Shows True Meaning of Fishing [VIDEO]


Plano shows that gear may change, but memories stay the same.

Plano has been producing ways to protect your various outdoor gear for almost 60 years. They are most well-known for their tackle boxes, which countless generations have used while learning how to fish.

Their latest promotional video really shows that off. It goes a lot deeper than showing off what Plano makes, but the reason why fishermen do what they do.

I’m sure this video will spur some sort of fishing memory from the oldest angler to the newest.

This video really sent me back; the Plano tackle box the older gentleman in the video grabs was pretty much the exact same one I started with over 20 years ago.

It was an old tackle box my father had down in the basement that I stumbled upon one day. I still remember how big I felt that I had my own tackle box, even though it really didn’t have any real tackle in it.

Now today, I have a tackle bag with more fishing stuff than I know what to do with.

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Plano’s New Promo Shows True Meaning of Fishing [VIDEO]