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Planning to Fly Fish Colorado? You Need "The Catch and The Hatch"

fly fish Colorado

This is really the only way to fly fish Colorado.

Instagram is crazy popular for fly fishing. Well, Instagram is crazy popular for a lot of things, but especially fly fishing.

The other day, I found myself clicking on pictures and somehow, I stumbled upon the user catchandhatch. After a little further investigation, I learned that this user account is the for the website The Catch and The Hatch, one of the most comprehensive and useful fly fishing websites I've ever seen, especially if you want to fly fish Colorado.

So, what makes this site so unique? Well, one click and you will find out pretty quickly. Several options caught my eye right away. The first was the River Explorer, and the second was the fly fishing courses. I'll get to that second part in a minute, but first, this River Explorer tab is amazing.

Just watch the video below and see for yourself.

That video speaks volumes to me. As a guy who tries to fly fish Colorado several times a year at some of the most popular spots in the state, a website that guides me to access points and streams that are off the beaten path is incredible, and a dream come true.

Because of how unique this site is, I contacted Allen Gardner, the owner, creator, and founder of The Catch and The Hatch, and asked him a few questions. Luckily, he happily obliged.

Interview with Allen Gardner of The Catch and The Hatch

Wide Open Spaces: First off, this website is incredible for the state of Colorado. Do you have plans to expand to other states?

Allen Gardner: Yes, we are going to expand to more states in the future. Our focus will be on the Rocky Mountain West, and then we'll go wherever the demand takes us. I wanted to make sure we don't expand too fast and try to cover everywhere to quickly. Many apps have done this before, and they come out unreliable and inaccurate. We make sure we are the highest quality of content, built by fly fishermen, for fly fishermen.

WOS: On your website, this is a membership service. Why should I be a member?

Allen Gardner: It's like having an experienced Colorado native fly fishing guide at your disposal to share all the best fishing places that you want to explore.

The river explorer delivers personalized results of where to fish. If you're looking to trophy hunt for big browns within 75 miles of Vail, we show you the places to get them. If you just want to find some solitude away from others, we can share those spots as well. Using a set of filters, you can personalize your results and find a river worth exploring. Then, we couple that with all the info necessary to be successful, including maps, fly selection, and real-time data on the river to help you catch fish on your adventure.

Wide Open Spaces: What kind of options are there for the membership?

Allen Gardner: We offer weekly, monthly, 6-month and 12-month options. For people visiting the state, weekly and monthly options make it affordable to access the membership while you're here and as you plan your vacation to Colorado. The river explorer is perfect for beginners looking to find new waters, or the native who has always wanted to find new waters, but didn't know where to start. We're even great for the traveling anglers looking to make the most of their vacation time.

Wide Open Spaces: Tell me a little about these fly fishing courses you offer on your site.

Allen Gardner: We build one or two courses per year. Our courses are multimedia, including video, pictures and content. The course is self-paced, and you have unlimited access to it, as well as to me, the author.

For example, if you were to take our entomology course, you would be able to understand what the fish are eating on any given stream during any given season in the world. We teach the principles needed to identify insects on the water or as nymphs, underwater, to match the right fly to what the fish are eating.

There are also 50% off coupons to our fly shop when you buy the course. We found these courses are super helpful because people will read them once and go out and catch some fish. After that, they begin to realize they need to refresh themselves on the info. Our course is 100% online, PDF available too, and you can refer to it as often as you want. I've had dozens of customers reach out and share with me that this course and my website have doubled the amount of fish they catch every time they go out. They are able to enjoy the sport more because they have a wider understanding and appreciation for all that goes into catching a fish on a fly.

End of Interview: As you just read, for a price tag of either $5.00 per week, $14.99 per month, or even up to $299 for lifetime unlimited access, this website membership is a steal if you plan to fly fish Colorado anytime soon. If you act now, you'll even get seven days free just to see what it's all about.

The Catch and The Hatch makes me want to fly fish Colorado right now, just to explore. How about you?

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Planning to Fly Fish Colorado? You Need "The Catch and The Hatch"