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5 Things You Can’t Forget When Planning Out of State Hunts

Out of state hunts can be fantastic experiences.


Most of us are already thinking about the fall hunting season.

If you are considering an out-of-state hunt this fall, good on you. Branching out, entering unfamiliar territory and attempting to harvest game animals not common in your neck of the woods is a great experience.

Here are five steps you can take now to make sure your fall hunting trip is fun and lucrative from a deer harvest standpoint.

1. Do your homework

Going hunting in another state isn’t as simple as loading up your car with gear and hitting the highway. Do some research on the states you want to visit and figure out how hunting licenses work in each one, whether for simple deer tags or for rare lottery licenses.

2. Look and listen for good hunting spots

At home, you have advantages when it comes to planning a deer hunt. When going out-of-state, you probably aren’t going to have the same knowledge of the land. You won’t want to be looking for the best hunting spots once you arrive at your destination in the autumn and you won’t want to go through a trial-and-error period to find the best spots.

3. Scan aerial photos

Since you likely won’t be able to scout the land ahead of time, you’ll need to do the next best thing: a virtual scouting trip, most likely done using the Google Earth tool.

4. Pick out potential hot spots

Scanning through Google Earth photos of different locations will help you to pick out potential treestand spots, bedding areas, food plots, and water sources.

5. Put in a few phone calls

Online research is great, but departments of natural resources, wildlife biologists, land management agencies, and other helpful hunting resources may be easier to reach on the good old fashioned phone.

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5 Things You Can’t Forget When Planning Out of State Hunts