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Planning a Muskox Hunt with Steven Rinella [VIDEO]

Steven Rinella is in remote Alaska planning a muskox hunt with his native guides.

Rinella was lucky enough to draw a muskox tag and, according to state law, he’s hired a pair of Cu’pig guides to help in his effort.

Watch as they discuss the upcoming muskox hunt as well as seal and walrus hunting and what it means to the Cu’pig people.

Part of the appeal of Rinella’s show “MeatEater” is that he tries to learn as much about the animals he’s hunting, the best methods for hunting them, and the people he meets along the way and shares what he’s learned with his audience. This muskox hunt is no different.

The fact that the location is so remote, the animal is so unusual to hunters from the lower 48, and the native hunting culture is so rich in history makes this hunt especially fun to watch.

I can’t wait to see Rinella’s  reaction to eating seal oil and walrus meat!

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Planning a Muskox Hunt with Steven Rinella [VIDEO]