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Planning a Serious Outdoor Adventure? You Need to Read This Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook Review First

Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook Review featured
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Make sure you read this Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook review before planning a serious outdoor adventure. It could save your life.

Written by Doctors Spike Briggs and Campbell Mackenzie, the Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook is intended to provide comprehensive, yet easy to follow advice on how to deal with injuries and illnesses when away from civilization. They released the first edition of the book in 2010 and published the second edition, which includes the most recent developments in medical treatment and technology, in early 2016.

The Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook is written in such a way that it is useful both for experienced medical professionals and those with very minimal training. The book is broken down into six chapters: Preparation, Emergencies, Environmental Risks, Accidents and Trauma, Medical Disorders and Treatments, and Emergency Medical Procedures. Then, the authors further broke down each chapter into individual sections that deal with each topic in detail in well organized, easy to follow diagrams and flow charts.

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The book covers everything from how to plan your trip, specific recommendations for medical kits appropriate for various types of expeditions, detailed information on various environmental hazards, how to assess a casualty, how to deal with various chronic and acute illnesses and injuries, and special considerations for treating children. The Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook also has several charts with lots of useful information regarding various drugs, antibiotics, and pain medications, including the circumstances when the medicine should be used as well as recommended dosages. Finally, the book also contains information on how to prepare a casualty for rescue and evacuation.

Designed for use in austere conditions, this book actually has a red plastic, semi-rigid cover that is lighter than a traditional hard cover, but more durable than both a hard cover or a traditional paperback. Both the cover and the individual pages appear to be water resistant as well.

The authors intended to create an all encompassing reference guide that provides enough information to facilitate proper diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries that occur away from civilization, and I think they’ve been remarkably successful in this regard. If you can only have one book in a survival situation or outdoor adventure, then you should choose the Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook. When used in conjunction with a reliable method of communication (such as a SPOT Locator Beacon) and a little common sense, this book will leave you prepared to deal with most emergency situations you’re likely to encounter in the wilderness.

Disclaimer: We received a copy of the book for review.

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Planning a Serious Outdoor Adventure? You Need to Read This Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook Review First