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Why You Should Plan a Fishing Trip on New Year’s Day

Plan a fishing trip for the first day of the New Year, and you’ll be taking big advantage of the holiday.

In the world of outdoor activities, New Year’s Day is generally seen as a haven of opportunity for hunters, at least those with hunting seasons still open.

There’s a good reason for that: not only does the day off happen during hunting season, it also generally coincides nicely with cooler or flat out cold weather – making it the perfect time for hunters to hit the woods and bag a last minute buck.

However, there is no reason that the first day of the year has to belong entirely to the hunters. On the contrary, anglers can get in on the action as well, using the four-day vacation to grab the first great fishing trip of the year.

As long as weather cooperates – in other words, as long as you have no snow and no ice on your favorite fishing lakes or ponds – New Year’s can be a great opportunity.

Since New Year’s usually means getting together with family, it can be a great chance to get everyone out on the water. School and work are typically put on hold, giving you a fine chance to get outside. Whether you are hoping to show a child the ropes or challenge an experienced relative, days around the holidays are reason enough to plan a fishing expedition.

Even if you don’t live in someplace like Florida, where New Year’s fishing is possible almost every year, it’s still fun to use the day to get out on the water. Heck, it may even become an annual tradition. And if you can’t make it out in a boat, ice fishing is a great option too.

There’s no reason why weather and frozen lakes should interfere with an angler’s ability to take advantage of New Year’s, so here’s to kicking off 2016, and every new year after, with a fishing trip to remember.


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Why You Should Plan a Fishing Trip on New Year’s Day