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Pistol in .460 Rowland = Wild Bacon For Dinner [VIDEO]

This .460 Rowland caliber pistol sure puts bacon on the table.

With this powerful caliber wild hog hunting is well suited for it.

Watch as the .460 Rowland takes on some hogs in this fast paced video.

Johnny Ray Rowland's powerful creation has been blasting out of 1911 format pistols since 1998. It is just perfect for bringing home the bacon, too.

A powerful cartridge is needed to down tough wild hogs. This is especially true when you are shooting hogs with a pistol. The .460 Rowland caliber is perfect for hammering big hogs. This is a huge step up in the parent pistols that usually were firing the .45 ACP caliber.

Watch this video and see what the powerful .460 Rowland caliber can actually do on wild hogs.

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Pistol in .460 Rowland = Wild Bacon For Dinner [VIDEO]