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Watch How Fast Piranhas Devour This Man’s Catch [VIDEO]

Piranhas are vicious predators, proven by this insane video of an angler reeling in his catch.

Usually when fishing, we have to compete with certain things like weather, water conditions, bait or tackle choice and other anglers. What we don’t always think about are the predator fish that are also looking to snag a keeper for their own meal.

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But what happens to this fisherman who is presumably somewhere in the Amazon basin, where piranha are indigenous, is incredible. Watch as he reels in his catch, and the water starts foaming as it gets closer and closer to the boat.

We don’t have much more information on the video, as it was uploaded by user CPcanal and includes no “About” description. What we do know is this guy had a respectable catch on his line, and by the time he retrieved it, the fish’s weight was probably cut in half or more.

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All it took was a matter of seconds, and the piranhas left maybe enough meat for a piece of sashimi. Then again, we’re not sure we’d eat anything caught from that murky-looking water.

The situation is not that uncommon, until it includes piranhas. Have you ever seen a fish get gobbled by another while hooked?


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Watch How Fast Piranhas Devour This Man’s Catch [VIDEO]