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Piranha Fishing Like a James Bond Movie Villain


Piranha fishing takes on a whole new meaning in this video.

Do you know the piranha scene in the 1967 James Bond film, 'You Only Live Twice'? It looks like this angler got his technique from that movie.

A fisherman catches several piranha at a time using a rope tied to a baited cloth. Each time he lowers the cloth into the water the surface explodes and churns with frenzied piranha. He quickly lifts the disintegrating rag, encased in flashing, still biting piranha, up and over a styrofoam cooler, where they drop as they loosen their toothy grips.

It's got to be a somewhat frightening way to fish, as he stands barefoot on a narrow plank dock.

The man's fishing method mimics the iconic scene from the film where the villain illustrates his manner of disposing of those who fail him, by having one of his henchmen toss a large ham tied to a rope into an indoor pond. The water erupts and seconds later he pulls the rope up, revealing only a snow white bone, picked clean by ravenous piranha.

The piranha the angler is catching appear to be the red-bellied species, native to South America and stars of a late 1970s eponymous B-movie horror flick and its 1995 remake. It is primarily through movies like these that piranhas have earned a fearsome reputation second only to the great white shark (thanks to that other famous horror film, Jaws).

That reputation is exaggerated, but it has stuck. In any event, this angler has found an efficient and highy productive method of catching his dinner. Just don't fall in, buddy!

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Piranha Fishing Like a James Bond Movie Villain