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This Pike Really Loves His Fish Grip [VIDEO]

The Fish Grip was designed to land a fish and let him go safely without harming the fish or the fisherman; the pike in this video has a different approach. 

All fisherman know catching a fish is so much easier than letting it go.

Well, the fisherman in this video, using a Fish Grip on a large pike, has an unusual struggle.


Using the Fish Grip, the fisherman was able to steadily and safely hold the big pike for his partner to see. The trouble came when he was trying to let the pike go.

Even splashing the water didn't break the pike's concentration with the Fish Grip. The fisherman has to literally pull the Fish Grip out of the pike's mouth to release him. Truly ironic how the hardest part of catching and releasing this pike was the release.

The Fish Grip was developed over 16 years and after four different models were made and tested, it became the product you just saw in this video.

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This Pike Really Loves His Fish Grip [VIDEO]