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How Did This Pike Magically Escape This Angler’s Net? [VIDEO]


This northern pike pulls off a magic act- escaping after being netted!

Think it’s over once you get that fish in the net? This video of a pike that nearly escapes will make you think again about that!

How on earth did that pike do that? This video was shot by Brooks Wheeler and Edwin Oom Jr. on the Grand River in Muskegon, Michigan. Oom was the one who hooked into the feisty pike.

The two anglers were just as mystified as to how the large fish got away.

“Truthfully, it only broke one string in my net,” Wheeler told “I don’t know how it squeezed through, but that thing was powerful.”

Wheeler said the pike measured 40 inches. Quite the fish tale.

Pike always seem to save their fight for right near the boat. I’ve had some difficulties myself boating them before, but never anything this crazy! Awesome catch, guys!

Thanks for catching it on video for all to see!

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How Did This Pike Magically Escape This Angler’s Net? [VIDEO]