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Pike Fishing in Chilly Finland Looks Like Serious Fun [VIDEO]

With the right baits and gear, cold weather pike fishing can be a highly productive outing like this one.

Here’s a great look at a fisherman who certainly must have ended his day with a sore arm!

When the bite is on, big pike are most happy to oblige us and attack our bait; in fact, big pike pretty much have one idea in their tooth-filled head: attack anything that swims.

Check out one great catch after another.

This video was actually of a spring trip that YouTube user finnsfishing took early in 2015.

The gear looks as good as the video: a beautiful six-foot, six-inch heavy-action rod, Shimano Citica reel, and what appears to be some good braided line.

It’s amazing to see strike after strike in such seemingly cold water, but pike do spawn around the end of March and into early April in some zones.

As far as the whole IKEA fish bag thing, this is what I found:


Neither Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops sells such a thing, so I have to believe it was just something that this Finnish fisherman used on his own, and you know what, it seemed to work just fine!

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Pike Fishing in Chilly Finland Looks Like Serious Fun [VIDEO]