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Pigman Returns to Television After a Near Fatal Crash [VIDEO]

When Brian "Pigman" Quaca was involved in a horrific car accident, he was unsure if he'd ever hunt again -- or even survive.

The accident occurred on December 26, 2014 and left Pigman clinging to life in a Colorado hospital with bleeding on the brain, brain swelling, facial fractures, rib fractures, skull fractures, and partial vision loss stemming from severe damage to his right eye.

Pigman told Petersen's Bowhunting magazine that "they didn't know until four days later I wasn't going to die. It had to be the Lord, because every single doctor told me, 'I've never seen trauma like that and anybody be alive.'"

Watch the video to see how bad the vehicle and Pigman looked after the accident.

Even after Quaca's condition stabilized, the future of his "Pigman" show was in serious jeopardy. Longterm effects of the accident include severely limited vision in his right eye, hearing loss, and facial palsy on the right side of his face.

None of this has stopped the Pigman though and weeks after the accident he was shooting a bow again. He accounts for his lack of vision in his right eye by shooting a right handed bow with the sight mounted on the left side of the riser, a set up that's already brought down a pig or two for Quaca.

The two part special "Pigman Rising" begins on June 7 and continues on June 14 on the Sportsman Channel. Tune in to see Pigman back in action.

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Pigman Returns to Television After a Near Fatal Crash [VIDEO]