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Pier Angler Catches Massive 13-Foot Hammerhead Shark

This giant hammerhead shark was caught right off the pier on the beach of Fort Lauderdale. A crowd gathered to watch its catch and release.

A Fort Lauderdale fisherman hooked a huge hammerhead shark from a crowded pier. He fought the giant fish by walking it back from the head of the pier to the shore, where a large crowd had gathered to watch the proceedings.

As they got the big shark closer to the shore, someone grabs its tail and pulls it up onto the beach. He yells for a wire cutters and cuts the leader. Then he and several other people pull the exhausted animal back into the sea, where it swims off to the cheering crowd.

It looked to be a solid catch and release. But some feel that the sensitive shark was out of the water for too long and probably died later on.

“You saw the video of the shark in the surf. Its gills were completely exposed and it had sand in its mouth,” said Dan Kipnis. “The fish did swim away, but I doubt seriously that that fish would live.” Hammerhead sharks are a protected species.

Ryan Bolash, the angler who pulled the shark in and cut the leader, says in the video text, “The shark was bigger than our 12 foot measuring tape by 8-10 inches making this shark around 13 feet. We got this shark out of the water and back in very quickly to ensure its survival.”

He said the entire encounter lasted less than an hour and they did the best they could to get the shark back into the water safely.

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Pier Angler Catches Massive 13-Foot Hammerhead Shark