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Piebald Squirrels Are a Real Thing

Dubois County Free Press

Gray squirrels and red squirrels are everywhere, but piebald squirrels are something to see. 

It's not very often that I get excited about a squirrel. Actually, let me take that back. A few weeks ago I was driving along in Indiana and saw a black squirrel. I literally almost wrecked my Jeep trying to pull over fast enough to take a picture of it.

Luckily, I snapped one picture before this black squirrel vanished in that bush there to the right. First time I had ever seen one before.

After posting this picture to my Facebook page, I found out I don't get out much. Apparently they are fairly common, but just not around me.

Photo by Brad Smith

Fast forward a few weeks later where I'm sitting at home surfing the Internet and I almost fell out of my chair when my eyes fell upon a piebald squirrel, also from Indiana, posted by Dubois County Free Press.


As the Dubois County Free Press wrote in their caption:

Gwen Graves sent some photos of this interesting squirrel found eating pecans at her home in Ferdinand. We contacted Indiana DNR Law District 7 who said it appeared to be a piebald squirrel. Piebald's have patches of dark and light skin and fur.

Yep. Mind blown.


I like to consider my myself a man of the woods, but apparently I need to get out more.


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Piebald Squirrels Are a Real Thing