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Piebald Deer Pair is Truly Rare [VIDEO]

A white deer has a lot of enemies. If there was ever an animal that could be classified as paranoid schizophrenic, a piebald deer would qualify.

The run of the mill whitetail with the usual colors is difficult to pick out and is jumpy to say the least. In this video posted by MacDonaldOutdoors, the footage is brief, as is the time these deer spend out in the open I would assume.

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The more outgoing deer of this piebald pair is front and center on the edge of this field, while the other is a bit more shy and we only get glimpses of it. Only a very small percentage of deer suffer from this genetic defect and the color isn’t the only drawback. Other genetic problems associated with the piebald gene include internal organ deformities and arching of the spine.

It is rare to see just one piebald, but to witness this beautiful anomaly in multiple deer ranging together is like catching lightning in a bottle.

Have you ever seen a piebald deer? Let us know in the comments.

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Piebald Deer Pair is Truly Rare [VIDEO]