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This Piebald Deer Fawn May Lack Camouflage, But It Sure is Cute

Considered a rarity in the deer world, spotting a piebald deer in the wild is akin to winning the lottery. For this lucky videographer, he struck it rich with a fawn!

A genetic variation or defect is what causes the piebald condition in deer. The coloring is that of white and brown - much like a pinto pony - and is not a result of parasites or diseases.

Although striking in appearance in mature deer, they are that much more adorable in the little youngsters.

Watch as this fawn forages amongst the vegetation in Tennessee looking cute as a button.

One thing is for sure - camouflage isn't your strong suit if you're born a piebald deer.

However, camouflage isn't the most important factor when it comes to being born with such a rarity. As we've covered piebald deer quite frequently this hunting season, the question emerges more and more on the ethicalness of shooting a piebald deer.

Many hunters feel that they would let the beautiful piebald in front of their scope pass them by, considering themselves lucky just to have seen the anomaly and hope for a photograph so their buddies will believe them later.


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This Piebald Deer Fawn May Lack Camouflage, But It Sure is Cute