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Pics: Was This New York Boy Bitten by a Muskie?

Tabatha Burgess/Facebook

Do you think a fish could do this?

It has become almost routine to hear about a handful of reported muskie attacks each year. This one out of Canton, New York, is the latest to go viral.

Tabatha Burgess explained in a Facebook post how her 16-year-old son Jeremy was bitten by a muskie while swimming in the Grasse River with his friends.

At the er with Jeremy. He was swimming and got bit by a damn FISH!!!!!! Jeremy Addington he was swimming in the grass...

Posted by Tabatha Burgess on Saturday, June 2, 2018

Facebook blurred out the second image due to graphic content, so here it is:

Muskie Attack

According to a second post, Jeremy's arm wasn't in the water at the time of the attack, and the fish "jumped out at him."

He required 12 stitches in total.

Muskie AttackMuskie Attack

A muskie certainly seems like a good candidate, judging by the size and spacing of these puncture wounds. But that would be a very big muskie at that.

Some folk are leaning toward otter or turtle, although the latter can most certainly be ruled out.

Let's hear your thoughts on the culprit!

Images Courtesy of Tabatha Burgess/Facebook.

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Pics: Was This New York Boy Bitten by a Muskie?