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A Hunter’s Top 10 Best Treestand Snacks


We get hungry out there chasing big game.

These snack picks will keep you fueled and ready for that perfect shot.

10. Jerky

Nothing says hunting rocket fuel like jerky does. Preferably from last year’s venison, but good old Jack Links will do, too.

9. Crunchy granola bars

These tasty bars come in a two pack, and have been in my hunting bag for years now, taking the place of missed meals when hunting trips last longer than expected.


8. belVita breakfast bars

The cinnamon flavored ones are my favorite. They make a great breakfast, and even a better snack when in the backwoods.


7. Fruit strips

These sugary snacks get your energy kicked up. Try these Simply Balanced ones, they aren’t that bad for you either. Or dehydrate your own fruit.

6. Clif Bars chocolate brownie

Organic goodness, and high energy! That will keep you awake.


5. Honey sticks

Bees do it best and this will keep you zipping along too.

4. Apples

This old school favorite is compact and leaves no litter to pack out. Apple scent draws in deer, too! Just chew quietly…

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3. Bananas

There, a quiet fruit to eat.

2. Thin mint Girl Scout cookies

Great cookies and they go to a good cause too.



1. Bacon in a can

Wow, what more can we say?


What snacks do you carry in the woods? Post comments below.

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A Hunter’s Top 10 Best Treestand Snacks