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Photos Show Aftermath of Terrifying Car-Moose Collision in Canada

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Man escapes with minor injuries in frightening car-moose collision. 

A man in Saskatchewan is probably feeling lucky to be alive after hitting a moose and having it go through his windshield.

The Wadena Volunteer Fire Department posted frightening photos on their Facebook page after the incident that show the moose lodged in the front windshield of the car after the car struck it on Highway 5 in Wadena November 29.


Perhaps the most frightening thing about these photos is that it’s not even a full-sized moose. This animal is a male calf! The moose was not killed on impact and spent several minutes thrashing around before others driving by pulled the driver from the vehicle CBC News Saskatchewan reported.

“He’s a very lucky man. Just cuts and bruises mainly,” Brian Weber, deputy chief for the volunteer fire department told the news service.

Even though the unnamed man had slowed his speed knowing he was in moose country, the accident happened anyway. “The gentleman was doing everything properly and stuff still happens,” Weber said.

The moose eventually died from its injuries in the incident. It was the department’s second call of a car-moose collision in the same night.

Photos and video of frightening animal-car collisions have been hitting the Internet more often lately. Fortunately, this driver walked away to tell the tale behind the amazing pictures.

Wadena’s fire department is using the incident as a chance to remind the public to be moose-aware while driving this time of year.

“They have really long legs,” Weber told CBC Saskatchewan. “They can move out of a ditch, onto a road in a matter of seconds.”

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Photos Show Aftermath of Terrifying Car-Moose Collision in Canada