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Photographer Joao Castilho’s New Collection Brings Wild Animals Indoors [PICS]

All photos via CNN/Joao Castilho

Wait until you see where Brazilian photographer Joao Castilho put these wild animals.

The project was designed to explore age-old issues about animals and our relationship to them while answering questions like, “Are not we also animals? What brings us closer? What of them exists in us?”

Castilho’s “models” for the shoot were obtained and monitored by non-governmental organizations that had adopted them, typically after a prior mistreatment in captivity or debilitation in the wild.

While Castilho noted that “it is difficult to find animals that are docile enough to keep everyone — men and animals — safe,” the photos turned out amazing.

All of the photos were taken under natural light inside homes. Castilho said, “I wanted to shuffle positions and boundaries that are sometimes too rigid.”

Check them out and see if you would have volunteered to host one of these photo shoots!

couch gator wos

bed tortoise wos

Castilho also noted that “We say, ‘This is the place of men. That is the place of animals…’ But why is that?”

carpet puma wos

This photo of a puma lounging on the carpet is the photographer’s favorite. He said, “It is strange to be face to face with an animal that can potentially kill you.”

stand owl wos

counter monkey wos

Compared to shooting (with his camera) domestic animals, Castilho found these wild specimens “more silent and unpredictable.”

chair mackaw wos

anteater bed wos

For all of the shoots, Castilho attempted to use homes close to where the animal lived.

table snake wos

These pictures are amazing and I totally get Joao Castilho’s concept, but there’s just something about a big snake on a glass table that gives me the creeps.

To see more of Joao Castilho’s work, follow him on Instagram.

All photos via CNN/Joao Castilho

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Photographer Joao Castilho’s New Collection Brings Wild Animals Indoors [PICS]