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Photographer Captures California Wildfires Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before [PICS]


The word “beautiful” isn’t what comes to most peoples’ minds when they think of California wildfires. 

Photographer Stuart Palley is looking to change that with his new series of long exposure photographs highlighting the California wildfires, the landscapes they move across, and the people that work to put them out.

The series is entitled “Terra Flamma” and the images Palley has captured may have you shifting your opinion of the California wildfires.

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fires1 wos

The long exposure technique used in most of the “Terra Flamma” series allows Palley to capture unique and beautiful images as fire rolls across the land.

fires6 wos

The work of fire crews plays a prominent role in Palley’s work. Here, a helicopter circles the night sky (above) and a fireman looks out as fire burns in the Sierra National Forest (below.)

fires3 wos

Amateur photographers shouldn’t try to follow Palley’s lead and head into the next California wildfire. He takes plenty of precautions and has completed courses in fire behavior to ensure his safety on the job.

fires4 wos

fires5 wos

Palley’s photos capture not only the California wildfires themselves, but also how they relate to man-made structures and iconic natural monuments like Half Dome in Yosemite National Park (above.)

fires7 wos

fires10 wos

The images in “Terra Flamma” remind viewers that nature can be as powerful and dangerous as she is beautiful and outdoorsmen and women should use caution while enjoying all the outdoor recreational activities our country provides.

fires11 wos

There are currently three active California wildfires. They have burned a total of 93,388 acres and are only partially contained.

You can view more of Stuart Palley’s work on Instagram.

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Photographer Captures California Wildfires Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before [PICS]