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Photogenic Polar Bear Gets Too Close to Camera for Comfort

The Daily Mail/Kaziras

Wildlife photographer Kyriakos Kaziras didn’t need his camera’s zoom lens to catch some up-close shots of a giant polar bear.

The Daily Mail reports that Kaziras was on a ship off northern Norway when an adult polar bear approached the boat, ambling across the sea ice. Whether hungry, curious, or just peeved at the paparazzo in his territory, the bear spent two hours circling the ship, sometimes rearing up on two legs to inquisitively peer through the ship’s porthole and paw at the photographer.


With just inches between him and the world’s largest land predator, Kaziras managed to get some harrowing shots as the animal gnawed on the metal grates and paced back and forth, seemingly testing the vessel for weaknesses.

‘He tried with a lot of perseverance to get on the boat. He poked his nose through all reachable holes and portholes,” said Kaziras “It was at that moment, he tried to reach me and grab my camera.”


At one alarming moment, the bear even climbed up a snowpile, nearly allowing him to enter the boat. Fortunately, the captain of the ship managed to throttle away from the Arctic predator before he had a chance to board, and Kaziras was able to capture some shots of a wild polar bear from a distance that few photographers would survive.

Now that is one fierce polar bear.

All images via The Daily Mail/Kaziras.

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Photogenic Polar Bear Gets Too Close to Camera for Comfort