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This Is As Good As It Gets With Pheasant Prints [PICS]

The latest award for the best of the best in pheasant prints goes to a repeat winner.

Talk about beautiful; Jim Hautman’s art has yet again has been named Pheasant Forever’s Print of the Year.

Hautman’s piece, “Busting Out,” will be available at Pheasants Forever chapter banquets in order to raise funds for conservation efforts. A Minnesota artist, Hautman has also won the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest four times.

The Pheasants Forever Habitat Organization’s goal is to is to bring awareness, education and conservation to the habitats of wild animals such as pheasants and quail.

Pheasants Forever is group open to farmers, hunters, non-hunters, wildlife enthusiasts conservationists. The organization is determined to conserve habitats specifically for quail and pheasants due to population decline within the last 25 years.

Pheasants Forever says, “There are five major factors leading to the losses of quail habitat; intensified farming and forestry practices, succession of grassland ecosystems to forests, overwhelming presence of exotic grasses like fescue that choke out wildlife, and urban sprawl.”

Members are determined to educate people, especially children, on the loss of wildlife habitat due to human activities. There are many ways to contribute to this organization. One of them is to purchase the Print of the Year, which is available here. There are also smaller greeting cards available at the same link.

Here is a page to make donations and even join Pheasants Forever if you find a calling to this type of action and conservation. Organizations such as Grassroots Conservation Campaign, and The Forever Land Trust are just a couple of other wildlife preservation resources related to Pheasants Forever.

Are you a pheasant or other bird hunter? Do you support Pheasants Forever or another similar organization?

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This Is As Good As It Gets With Pheasant Prints [PICS]