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Pheasant Country By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s the scoop on the South Dakota pheasant situation.

Pheasants Forever is an organization working to provide a better future for pheasant, quail and other wildlife by conserving their habitat, awareness and land management policies. They recently held the National Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee, gathering over 20,000 passionate game bird enthusiasts and raising over $1 million for their youth hunting and education programs.

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When they aren’t throwing huge national pheasant get-togethers, Pheasants Forever provides some helpful content on their blog, including this recently published infographic that shows why the South Dakota pheasant is such a sought-after bird. It also brings attention to the need for habitat restoration if wild pheasant stand a chance against the changing times.

Check out the infographic, and click on the image for a larger, zoomable version.


It sort of brings the whole wildlife habitat conservation issue into perspective; if something as notable and significant as South Dakota’s pheasant population is in danger, there should be considerable effort going towards fixing it.

What are your ideas for helping the South Dakota pheasant, as well as other game birds that need our effort? Leave a thought below in the comments.


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Pheasant Country By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]