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PETA Shows True Colors with Ridiculous Entry in New Georgia Hunting License Contest


PETA just showed their true colors as well as how little they know about wildlife with their ridiculous entry in the new Georgia hunting license contest.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources recently held a contest for next year’s hunting and fishing card. The deadline for submissions to the new Georgia hunting license contest was November 30, 2015 and PETA got their entry in just before the deadline.

While their submission technically abides by the rules established by the Georgia DNR for the contest, something tells me that their entry won’t be the one chosen.

Take a look at their submission to the Georgia hunting license contest below and see what you think.

PETA Shows True Colors With Ridiculous Entry In New Georgia Hunting License Contest

PETA also had the following statement to make regarding their submission to the contest:

Hunting decimates animal families and breeds a lack of compassion that can be dangerous to all living beings. PETA’s design reminds would-be killers that unless the bears have guns, the fight is unfair, and only cowards would shoot an unarmed individual who wants to stay alive as much as they do.

Hunting and fishing cause animals excruciating pain, promotes insensitivity toward the suffering of others, and disturbs the natural balance of animal populations. In addition to the millions of animals killed by hunters each year, many more are wounded and left to die slowly of blood loss, predation, or infection. Game-management agencies—the very word “game” giving it away—manipulate animal populations not for the animals’ benefit but to maximize the number of animals available to be killed by hunters.

I always find it interesting how many anti-hunting organizations (especially PETA) appear to value the life of an animal above the life of a human, and always seem to be eager to condone violence against others (especially hunters) as a way to solve problems.

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to hunt or not wanting to eat meat. However, PETA showed their true colors by advocating the harm of those who disagree with them on the issue (and this is not the first time they’ve done that).

Truth be told, there are so many fallacies and inaccuracies in their statement above that I could go on for several pages refuting them.

Instead, I’ll leave you with these three points that demonstrate how this submission by PETA for the new Georgia hunting license shows just how little they know about wildlife.

  1. Animals are not people and life in the wild is not the same as how it is portrayed in Disney movies. Bears are wild animals and can no more sing and dance than they can use a gun.
  2. Even if it could use one, giving a bear a gun would not make it a “fair fight.” Wild animals spend every minute of every day trying to live in an environment where any number of things can kill them. Because of this, they have highly developed senses and a sophisticated survival instinct. In fact, the average animal is far more proficient at evading hunters and staying alive than even the most skilled hunter is at pursuing them. With this in mind, it should be obvious that hunting is absolutely an unfair fight, but one that is tilted heavily in favor of the animal.
  3. This is a central pillar of fair chase hunting. To paraphrase Jim Posewitz from his book Beyond Fair Chase: The Ethic and Tradition of Hunting, fair chase hunting is a balance between the hunter and the prey that allows hunters to occasionally succeed while animals generally avoid being taken.

None of those points should be surprising to anyone that really knows anything about hunting or wildlife. However, the idea of arming wildlife for protection against hunters (even if only tongue in cheek) and other ideas that anthropomorphize animals continually pop up in anti-hunting propaganda from PETA and similar organizations.

You can draw your own conclusions about these organizations and their membership from that statement.

What do you think about this submission by PETA for the new Georgia hunting license?

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PETA Shows True Colors with Ridiculous Entry in New Georgia Hunting License Contest