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PETA Billboard Mocks Washington Bowhunter Attacked By Black Bear [VIDEO]


The anti-hunting organization plans to post the billboard in the hunter’s hometown.

During the state bowhunting season opener on Sept. 1, bowhunter Jerry Hause sustained injuries to his leg after a black bear chased him up a tree and attacked him.

Hause, 60, said he managed to kick the bear in the nose, causing the bear to retreat. He’s expected to make a full recovery. But to add insult to injury, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) created a billboard ad mocking Hause, and they plan to post it in his hometown of Longview.

The billboard depicts a bear biting into a person’s leg, with the text “Payback is HELL. Leave animals alone.” PETA says they were inspired by Hause’s encounter because it was a “surprising role reversal.”

This is the PETA ad:


Hause told local news that he laughed when he first heard about the ad, but it frustrated him the more he thought about it. He said he has a legal bear tag and could have killed the bear but chose not to. According to the The Longview Daily News, wildlife officials wanted to put down the bear, but Hause talked them out of it because he said “it either had cubs out there or I was threatening its food. It’s bear country. They live in the woods. I don’t.”

The PETA ad seems like more of an insult than anything. Hunting is a big part Hause’s heritage and the northwest is a region that’s home to many hunters and anglers.

“I’m a Native American. I’m a Cowlitz Indian and we hunt. We’ve hunted from the start of time. And I’m hunting with a bow and that’s a traditional Native American way,” Hause said. “I eat everything I shoot. I love game animals. It’s preservative free and I will continue to hunt as long as I can.”

Here’s more of the story from KPTV.


Hause was hunting with his son near the upper Abernathy Creek eight miles west of Longview. He was getting ready to drive game towards his son when the bear attacked.

“It was mad, it was growling. It was serious about what it was going to do,” Hause told The Longview Daily News

He said he’s hunted the area for more than 30 years, and this was the first time he’s seen a bear in the region.  



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PETA Billboard Mocks Washington Bowhunter Attacked By Black Bear [VIDEO]