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PETA Attempts to Prank Hunters with Fake Condoms

Look at the latest PETA effort to thwart hunting. Do they think this works?

Yes, outdoorsmen and hunters know that PETA makes all kinds of attempts at knocking us down a peg or two, and pretty much every try falls short.

In this latest effort, the organization actually thought marketing a fake condom company directly to hunters would help encourage them not to reproduce, and therefore not bring more hunters into the world.

Are they serious? Yeah, actually they are.

OK, so not entirely serious. Thinking they’d won one over, PETA went ahead and spilled the beans on their fake condom line and published this video:

Now, let’s dissect this a bit. It’s true that folks questioned about the fake condoms at the outdoor show were somewhat receptive, but that can easily be depicted with some video editing and post-production. I’d like to know what the percentage was of folks who actually thought it was a good idea.

Even still, who’s going to openly denounce someone’s idea at a gun show when they shove a camera and a product in their face? Also, who in their right mind thinks a condom (and safe sex) is a bad idea?

In case PETA forgot, those who intend on reproducing are, um, not going to use one of these. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to have a kid…

The main thing PETA forgets is that outdoorsmen aren’t small-minded, sheltered country folk who do nothing but pass on their blood-thirsty genes to their offspring. Outdoorsmen are a diverse group within themselves, and far smarter and conservation-oriented than PETA gives them credit for.

Chalk it up to another ignorant attempt on PETA’s part, but hey, at least it was good for half a laugh.



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PETA Attempts to Prank Hunters with Fake Condoms