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This Pet Mountain Lion Will Make You Want One [VIDEO]

No. Don’t go get a pet mountain lion. That is a terrible idea. Seriously.

All we ever hear about mountain lions is that they are vicious, threatening predators that will take your children and eat your pets at a moments notice.

Well, that may be true in very isolated and remote cases, but by and large, that stereotype is largely just that, a stereotype.

In this amazing video, the stereotype is realized as a pet mountain lion loves all over her handler. In this case, the mountain lion in the video is a rescue, raised by hand from just eight weeks old.

As seen on the handler’s YouTube page, professional help has gone into raising this big cat. The owner is also registered as an exotic cat handler and does have a valid license to do so.

The room that cat lives in has been inspected by the DNR and other professional big cat rescue operations. It is also just a small fraction of her total enclosure. The part you see is just her air-conditioned area. The rest is all outside and is over 1,200 square feet.

If you couldn’t already tell, raising a pet mountain lion surely isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s probably best left to no one, unless of course they can provide for a big cat like the guy in the video and possess all the training, licenses, and money to do it right.

Either way, that looks freaking awesome.

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This Pet Mountain Lion Will Make You Want One [VIDEO]