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This Pet Deer Wrestles with His Canine Brother [VIDEO]

Watch as this little deer wrestles with the family dog.

I don’t know if it was just my brothers and I, but we always found the weirdest pets.

I remember a time when we found a little bat that we kept around for awhile. People have been known to domesticate wild pigs, wolves and even bobcats.

Now comes this video with quite the unique pet, a whitetail deer that acts a lot like a dog.

According to the video’s description from YouTube user mlcarriker, one day while his brother was out in the woods he found this deer and they took care of it until it could eat on its own.


You will see the dog and deer wrestle, and a few times the cameraperson tells the dog not to bite Theen, as they call him. Apparently he does fit in with the wild herd, but continues to come back for food and to play with their dog.


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This Pet Deer Wrestles with His Canine Brother [VIDEO]