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Do Pesky Deer Bother Your Young Trees? Here’s a Quick Fix [VIDEO]

Make sure to protect your young trees from deer in your area.

For your young trees, healthy and efficient growing conditions are key. From the time they are put in the ground until they are several years old, trees should be protected from wildlife.

If you have ever had to deal with deer on your property, you know that they will devastate a young tree by either eating the leaves, eating and rubbing the bark, or uncovering the roots.

Putting a barrier around your young trees is one of the best ways to deter the deer from a delicious snack.

If you have young trees and need a few days to get your barrier up, a solution to the waiting period is to grab a bar of Irish Spring soap and putting it in pantyhose to hang by the young tree.

If you already have your barrier up and deer are still showing aggressive interest, a good way to fool them is to go to your local barber and get some hair. Yes, hair.

Put this hair in pantyhose and hang it from the barrier. These are easy ways to protect your young trees and your investment.

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Do Pesky Deer Bother Your Young Trees? Here’s a Quick Fix [VIDEO]