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Peshitgo, Wisconsin Has Plans for Urban Bowhunting

Lawmakers in Peshtigo, Wisconsin are currently evaluating a proposed law that would make urban bow hunting a reality. 

Deer are damaging the city of Peshtigo, Wisconsin prompting lawmakers to pass a law that would allow urban bow hunting.

This decision comes after a recent change to state law, and lawmakers feel it’s the appropriate time to evaluate the potential for urban bow hunting.

Dubbed Act 71, the law could change the long-standing ban on urban bow hunting in the city of Peshtigo. The proposed changes have many concerned about safety, despite the growing number of incidents involving deer related damages to the city.

Dave Zahn, Peshtigo Parks and Recreation Director, told reporters, “The city is surrounded by farmland, and forest land, so deer have always been part of what’s common to see in the city.”

Under the proposed urban bow hunting regulations, deer must be shot 1,000 yards from a building unless approved by the owner. Also all urban bow hunting must be done from at least 10 feet above ground in a treestand.

Bill Pluff, owner of Hunter’s Choice Archery, agrees with the treestand notion, but has more concerns about the urban bow hunting changes.

My first thought is being able to recover the deer, and by that, getting permission, so that would definitely have to be addressed.

Lawmakers in the Badger State are a ways off from establishing the urban bow hunting regulations, as the city attorney is expected to update the local code in a couple months.

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Peshitgo, Wisconsin Has Plans for Urban Bowhunting